About us

St Margaret's Church is set in a residential part of the town of Glenrothes in Fife, Scotland. We are a mixed bunch of around 350 people who have a common purpose to wanting to worship God and serve him.

An open church

We like to think that we give a good welcome to anyone who wants to join any of our activities - whether they want to slip in and out quietly or jump right into the middle of things.

A church with choice

We believe that it is good to be a community together - but that it is also important that people can worship God and serve him in ways that suit them, so we like to offer choice.

A renewing church

The church can never stand still. People are changing. Our world is changing. So we believe that in everything we must be led and equipped by the Holy Spirit. It is the Spirit who brings all of Christ to us and who works in us to renew us into a church which will reflect Jesus' power and goodness.

A Christ-centred church

We believe that Jesus Christ must stand at the centre of us.

Through him we find:

  • Peace

  • Forgiveness

  • Purpose in life

  • Standards to live by.

In him we meet God himself. That is so wonderful that it is a joy to be in relationship with him and to offer ourselves in commitment to him.

A church in a bigger church

St. Margaret's is part of the Church of Scotland, a reformed church with a Presbyterian system of church government. As such we are part of the Presbytery of Fife. Within Glenrothes we have very good relationships with churches of all denominations and are pleased to be actively involved with Churches Together in Glenrothes, Leslie and Coaltown of Balgonie and also with GROW.

Link to Churches Together: http://gkc82.atwebpages.com/gct.html